We are an independent Catholic ministry that supports ex-offenders through Christ-centered, Benedictine-inspired, transitional communities enabling successful reentry.

EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR: Eric J. Shanburn        YPSILANTI CAMPUS MANAGER: Keith Curry, an alumni

BOARD OF DIRECTORS: Mike Morrissey, John Macari, Tim Atzinger, Dave Rose, Gary Proche, Dn. Jack Flanagan, Jon Malecke

We produce a newsletter that is sent to incarcerated Christians and highlights articles from them, from our current residents and partner prison ministries. The editor is on our Board and an alumni of our program.

Our main programming includes an Entry House and a Step-Down House. The guys gather for prayer Monday through Friday mornings, and dinners Saturday through Thursday. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings are our Faith Studies, Life-Skills and 12-Step meetings. The guys share in dinner preparation and household chore schedules. Each new resident is provided a Welcome Kit, Orientation Packet and set up with a Mentor. Our Entry House has a on-site House Supervisor that supports our Campus Manager. The program lasts approximately one year with opportunity to stay longer in our Step-Down House. An Alumni association is being developed for continued support of our graduates.